Joke Of The Day #3

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white…

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Childish And Embarrassing Update

A few days ago I wrote a post called Childish and Embarrassing after I was triggered (snigger) by a pathetic ‘prayer’ when flying with Malaysia Air. In that post I wrote about my unhappiness at the fact that there are people who, at the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, still put more faith in the interventions of imaginary deities than the technical skills of the designers and engineers who really are responsible for the safety of aeroplanes. I also wrote that I was fed up with religionists demanding respect for their theistic nonsense, suggesting that if they want respect it might be a good idea to get some respectable beliefs. Little did I realise that I would be returning to this subject almost immediately when the Sunday Times (20/0102019) printed a story with the almost unbelievable headline Anglican priest exorcises ‘poltergeist’ for Muslim family Continue reading “Childish And Embarrassing Update”

The Brexit Pantomine

The British political and media class have lost the plot

The Brexit shenanigans continue. Is it really only three years since the Referendum? It seems much longer.

The British media and political class have been driven insane by the vote to leave the European Union. I have deliberately used the singular because journalists and politicians are one and the same class – privately educated, Oxbridge graduates, wealthy, privileged. The term ‘Establishment’ is too neutral and I refuse to use the word ‘elite‘ because the only way they are “superior” to “the rest of society” is in their arrogance and incompetence. From now on I shall use the term ‘ruling class’ because that is what they are. Their shock at the plebs taking their favourite toy off them is all too obvious, as is their disdain for the thicko racists who either didn’t understand the question they were asked or who were tricked into voting against the interests of their ‘betters’ by Russian bots.

I am convinced that the collective nervous breakdown being suffered by the ruling class is because they only care about money. Continue reading “The Brexit Pantomine”

Childish And Embarrassing

Why is this pathetic superstition still indulged in the 21st century?

I haven’t posted since New Year’s Eve as I have been on holiday visiting friends in Kuala Lumpur. The service on Malaysia Air was fine but before we took off (both ways) the prayer I have used as a header for this post appeared…

“In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. All praise be to Allah, the One who has placed this transportation at our service, that we ourselves would not have been capable of, and to Allah we shall return.

In the name of Allah, we begin to move (take off) and stop (land). With His protection, Allah, the Most merciful, the Most Compassionate.” [My emphasis]

Have you ever seen a more obvious statement of the childish, groveling and intellectually bankrupt nature of religion? Continue reading “Childish And Embarrassing”

The Crimes Of Neoliberalism

There are opportunity costs to freedom of movement

Neoliberalism is the current name for an old idea. It is essentially the view that markets are the best way to allocate resources and that everything should be measured according to its economic value. In the eighteenth century, Adam Smith wrote about the ‘invisible hand’ of the market, governments in the nineteenth century pursued laissez-faire (literally, ‘leave alone’) policies whilst in the post-Second World War era economist Milton Friedman and his followers developed the idea of monetarism.

We are living through a time when these old ideas have captured political parties of both left and right. It must be remembered that it was the Callaghan Labour government of 1976-79 not the Thatcher Conservative government after 1979 that first introduced monetarist, supply-side, inflation-targeting policies in the UK. Continue reading “The Crimes Of Neoliberalism”