The Manchester Attack Update

The racism of the Establishment

I was right. Yesterday I wrote about how the British Establishment – by which I mean the entire media and political class – is racist against people of South Asian, Middle Eastern or North African ancestry. Their racism is most obvious in their insistence on calling people “Muslims” because of their ethnicity; claiming to know what people think because of their genetic makeup is the very definition of racism. The reason that the long-predicted anti-Muslim backlash never happens is because the ordinary people of Britain are far less racist than their rulers. Proof of the ignorance and racism of the UK media was provided by, of all possibilities, Cosmopolitan magazine. Continue reading “The Manchester Attack Update”

The Manchester Attack

The racism of the Establishment

Here we go again. It is only two months since an Islamist drove a car onto the pavement on Westminster Bridge and killed a bunch of “infidels” in order to get his reward from his imaginary friend. Now we in the aftermath of an other attack inspired by a twisted belief system that thinks the murder of children and teenagers attending a concert is pleasing to a psychopathic deity. Depressingly, the words used by Prime Minister Theresa May in responding to the events in Manchester are almost identical to those she used when commenting about those in Westminster. Are we, like Sisyphus and Bill Murray, condemned to repeat the same set of experiences over and over again? Continue reading “The Manchester Attack”

Tawdry, Vulgar, Mediocre

Celebrity culture at its worst

It’s hard. It’s very hard. No matter how you try, it is almost impossible to avoid celebrity culture. By a strange kind of osmosis, you become aware of people who are simply famous for being famous – Kardashians, people who have appeared on “talent” shows, so-called “WAGS” (why in this day and age would someone want to be famous because they are the wife or girlfriend of a sports star?) – even if you never watch the braindead television shows they appear on. As ever, our American friends are ahead of the rest of the world, having elected as their president a man whose main claim to fame is appearing on a reality TV show. But where America leads, the UK is sure to follow. Which brings me neatly to Pippa Middleton. Continue reading “Tawdry, Vulgar, Mediocre”

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty

What does Article 50 actually say?

As a historian, I have a great respect for primary sources; indeed I wrecked my eyesight at university peering at old, faded documents. I think it is vital to look at people’s ideas in their own words, not a summary of those ideas reported by others. This is one of the things I really dislike about political discussion in the internet age. Don’t get me wrong, I think the internet is a brilliant invention that has helped the spread of ideas in the same way writing did in ancient Sumeria and the printing press in early modern Europe. But too many people seem to react to reports of what people said rather than reading what they actually did say. This is a real problem when said reports come from mendacious, agenda-driven organisations like the BBC. Which brings me to Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Continue reading “Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty”

The BBC and Islam(ism)

How extreme must someone be for the BBC to attack its favourite victim group?

I dislike the BBC, as I have shown here, here and here. I dislike their arrogance, I dislike their cheerleading for the Establishment, I dislike their protection of predatory paedophiles and refusal to apologise for protecting said paedophiles for decades and I dislike the poll tax that funds this incompetent and corrupt bureaucracy. But most of all I dislike the way they have pushed identity politics for the past three decades and their ongoing refusal to hold insanely right-wing Islamists to the same standards as everyone else when they spout vile misogyny, homophobia and anti-Semitism. You can imagine my astonishment to read an article on the BBC’s website entitled “Copenhagen imam accused of calling for killing of Jews.” Continue reading “The BBC and Islam(ism)”

Jeremy Corbyn Is Right!

Never thought I would write those words

I am not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. He reminds me too much of the sneering pseudo-leftists I met at university. You know the type, came straight to university from thirteen years of private education, picked up a couple of second-hand books by Lenin and think they understand the plight of the workers because they once helped the nanny with the washing up. I am well aware that this is reverse snobbery but at the same time it is a perfect description of Emily “people vote for Theresa May because they like her hair” Thornberry who is at once the stupidest and most arrogant person in British politics. Quite a feat when Diane Abbott and Tony Blair are still around. Continue reading “Jeremy Corbyn Is Right!”

UK General Election 2017 Update #3

This election is a joke

The Conservatives have been in power now for seven years, albeit propped up by the Illiberal Undemocrats and their comedy ex-leader Nick “no increase in university fees unless it helps me become Deputy Prime Minister” Clegg for five years. They have decided to pursue a controversial, so-called “hard” Brexit on the basis of last year’s narrow referendum victory for “Leave.” Any opposition party worth its name should be at least in contention for government. Unfortunately the UK does not have an opposition party worth its name. Continue reading “UK General Election 2017 Update #3”