The Abrahamic Religions Part Three

Islam, the motherlode of bad ideas

This is my third post on the Abrahamic religions – three religions that are actually one, just like the Trinity. My previous posts were on Judaism, a Bronze Age nightmare and Christianity, Santa Claus for grown ups. Now I’d like to discuss the youngest and, at the time of writing, the most controversial of the three. Indeed, so controversial has Islam become in recent years that negative comments about this bizarre and intolerant belief system are considered racist. There’s even a special word that’s been invented to demonise those who would dare to subject Islam to the same level of criticism as Judaism and Christianity – “Islamophobia.” This is “a word created by fascists, used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” (A quote often attributed to the late, great Christopher Hitchens but which was actually coined by Andrew Cummins). Continue reading “The Abrahamic Religions Part Three”

The Establishment and Brexit

Who do you trust – Johnny Rotten or the entire UK political and media class?

I did not vote in the 2016 Referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union as I have lived abroad now for more than a decade. Had I voted it is likely I would have been an unenthusiastic Remainer – a bit like Jeremy Corbyn. However, like “libertarian Marxist” Mick Hume, I have been appalled by the undemocratic response to the Leave vote.  And when the entire British Establishment are in favour of something I am always suspicious. Then I saw this interview with the great John Lydon. Continue reading “The Establishment and Brexit”

What Is Racism?

The old racism and the new

The finest English novel of all time – George Orwell’s 1984 – deals at length with how the debasement of language helped to create an unfree society. Indeed, Orwell included an appendix to his novel called “The Principles of Newspeak.” Words are vitally important in a free, democratic society and the way some words have been twisted to mean something different to their original meaning can be very damaging. The most disturbing example of the way words have been twisted is “racism.” Continue reading “What Is Racism?”

The Westminster Attack Update

Time for radical thinking?

I have to admit being quite cynical about politics. I am also skeptical about the motives of ostentatiously religious groups like ISIS; they strike me as inspired more by Seneca than by Muhammad. The rise of aggressive, authoritarian religion leaves me alternately depressed and angry. I am caught in Popper’s paradox of tolerance as people who are clearly intent on setting up a religious dictatorship hide behind the Enlightenment values of free speech, democracy, equality and human rights. Then I read this article by Robert Verkaik. Continue reading “The Westminster Attack Update”

The Westminster Attack

Some thoughts on the events of 22/03/2017

The late, great Christopher Hitchens gave his excellent 2007 polemic God is NOT Great the subtitle “How Religion Poisons Everything.” The events of Wednesday 22/03/2017 in Westminster prove his words to be truer now than they were ten years ago. To all the old fashioned racists out there who wouldn’t know a Salafist from an Ahmadi (or frankly, a Muslim from a Sikh) and to the modern racists of the “see no Islam” faux-left, I say that the problem we are facing is religious-ideological not racial. Continue reading “The Westminster Attack”

George Osborne and the Foul Stench of Corruption Update

I must be on to something

I’m wondering what’s wrong in the world this morning. Owen Jones, the Guardian’s very own Islamist-apologist-in-chief, wrote this article on George Osborne’s many jobs and I found myself agreeing with him. Continue reading “George Osborne and the Foul Stench of Corruption Update”