Trevor Phillips for Prime Minister

TV show on Channel 4: “Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?”

Trevor Phillips is easily the best maker of current affairs documentaries in the UK today. His latest offering was “Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?” (not his title, he says he dislikes it) on Channel 4, Thursday 23rd February 2017. Continue reading “Trevor Phillips for Prime Minister”

“Far Right” Thoughtcrime

Once the BBC and its allies have labelled you, there is no coming back

Back in the 1970s when I was growing up, there were a great many thuggish footballers whose main contribution to their team was to physically intimidate the skilful players on the opposing side. While never able to play themselves, they were able to stop others from playing the game. This was known as “playing the man not the ball.” Continue reading ““Far Right” Thoughtcrime”