The BBC and “Fake News”

Time to end the licence fee


For most of my life I have been indifferent to the BBC. Beyond a low key resentment at being forced to pay the TV licence I never really considered the BBC’s existence, it was simply there. However, in the last few years, my feelings towards the BBC have become increasingly hostile and I believe it is time to end the poll tax that funds this absurd organisation.

One of the great myths about the BBC is that it is a “world class broadcaster.” Like the near-religious mantra of support for the benighted NHS, this is an opinion that everyone in public life in the UK appears to be forced to recite just to get a hearing and to avoid the BBC’s favourite insult “far right.” But the BBC is far from being “world class.” There are very few decent programmes on the BBC and there are none I would miss if they were suddenly cancelled. The only things the BBC does appear to be “world class” at are self-promotion, bureaucracy, over-paying both their management and “stars” and protecting predatory paedophiles from prosecution. A more arrogant and incompetent group of pro-Establishment shills would be hard to imagine.

The BBC’s famous neutrality has become a joke in recent years. During the 2016 Referendum, they were ludicrously in favour of Remain. And since the election of the comically unqualified Donald Trump, the BBC has ramped up its anti-Americanism to quite disturbing levels. I wrote two letters of complaint to the BBC about its anti-American bias in 2016. The “documentaries” were United States of Hate: Muslims Under Attack and America’s Hate Preachers. In both cases, extremely small and unpleasant fringe groups of nutjobs were presented as somehow representative of mainstream American opinion. In both cases, my letters of complaint were dismissed with condescending arrogance by BBC apparatchiks; I was basically invited to go and have intercourse with myself.

As I have written several times on this blog, the BBC is one of the main pushers of identity politics in the UK today. Once you have been identified as a favoured “victim” group then the BBC will not only not criticise you but it will censor anyone who tries to criticise you. As I said above, the BBC and the illiberal liberals who dominate the UK media will label you as “far right” if they disapprove of your opinions. But now they have gone further and have started to label anything they don’t like as “fake news.” Anyone with an internet connection knows that there are a lot of conspiracy theory types out there who want you to know THE TRUTH about 9/11 or the Moon landing or about how Elvis Presley murdered President Kennedy. But “fake news” can also be an act of omission when powerful media organisations like the BBC deliberately suppress news or distort what has happened by using intentionally misleading terms.

The BBC and other powerful media organisations did not report the bestial behaviour in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015 for several days. In their ongoing attempts to smear all Americans as racists bigots and “Islamophobes,” the BBC published this story with the fetching headline…

“Kashmir Muslim athlete denied US visa due to ‘current policy'”

…and the clear implication that the visa had been denied because the athlete in question was a Muslim.

The US authorities obviously changed their mind about this particular individual because the BBC later ran this story but with a rather different headline…

“Tanveer Hussain: Indian athlete held over sex abuse in US”

When the BBC wanted to attack Americans as horrible racists who are implementing a “Muslim ban” Tanveer Hussain was a “Kashmir Muslim.” Once he was accused of sexual crimes he became “Indian.” Proof positive of the bias at the BBC; fake news of a particularly repugnant kind considering the Corporation’s own recent problems and the appalling cover-ups of child sexual abuse in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, etc, etc.  But then the BBC has form with this – avoiding the M-word at all costs in favour of the generic “Asian” which was objected to by both the British Hindu and  British Sikh communities.

The sooner this ridiculous organisation is deprived of its poll tax funding the better. I wonder how many people will watch their “world class” programmes once they are forced to compete on a level playing field?

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