George Osborne and the Foul Stench of Corruption

Another v-sign from an arrogant and complacent “elite”


I have never been a fan of George Osborne. I am aware that a lot of people dislike him for reasons of inverted snobbery and I’m afraid that is part of the reason I find Osborne difficult to stomach. It’s always best to be mindful of one’s own prejudices but Osborne’s antics since being unceremoniously booted out of the Treasury last year have confirmed my feelings about the arrogant, incompetent and, above all else, smug and complacent  “elite” who run Britain today.

Since being fired as Chancellor, Osborne has gathered a number of positions. He has made £700,000 in seven months for making speeches and he “earns” £650,000  for advising the US company BlackRock Investments one day a week – which works out at £12,500 a day. Nice work if you can get it! Osborne has now been appointed editor of the London Evening Standard at £220,000 a year for a four day week. The Standard’s owner, Evgeny Lebedev (a man for whom the word “dodgy” could have been invented) says that Osborne is “London through and through” which must be alarming to his constituents in Tatton, Cheshire, especially as Osborne is still being paid £74,000 a year to represent them.

Osborne is typically of an arrogant and out of touch “elite” that has come to dominate the UK (and many other Western nations). Rules don’t seem to apply to them and their ruthless pursuit of money and sinecures. I would very much like to know what BlackRock is expecting from Osborne for their £650,000. Surely there must be rules about politicians going straight from a ministerial positions to working for the very people they were regulating? And if there aren’t, then there should be.

And I can’t even rail against “posh boys” and Tories because the “left” are just as bad. Step forward Mr. T. Blair, warmonger-in-chief and someone who has made somewhere between £10million and £60million since leaving office; it depends on which websites you read but Blair has certainly made a killing since stepping down in 2007. I wonder why Neil Kinnock and Peter Mandelson are so pro-EU, something to with their gold-plated, index-linked pensions perhaps? Anyone remember the repellant Derek Hatton who bankrupted the city of Liverpool before swanning off to enjoy a nice payday on the micro-celebrity circuit?

It wouldn’t be so bad if these arrogant “elites” were actually the technocrats they claim to be. No-one denies that people with expertise should be rewarded; a doctor should be paid more than a road sweeper. But the doctor will soon complain if the streets are filled with rubbish; everyone’s contribution needs to be valued. However, the current “elite” are anything but technocrats. The “world class” BBC is a joke, smugly convinced of their moral superiority whilst paying themselves vast salaries in Jimmy Savile House from their ill-gotten poll tax. The permanently crisis-ridden NHS has never been copied as a model of health care by any other country, despite giving its hilariously incompetent administrators wages of many multiples a nurse’s pay.  And that’s just the UK. Think of the vast incompetence but equally vast complacency of international organisations like the EU, the UN or FIFA. Corruption and jobs for the boys all the way -so long as you come from the right background and don’t rock the boat.

I’d like to end on a positive note and say that this situation is changing and can’t go on. Unfortunately I can’t. Our increasingly conformist culture makes it easy to slap down critics of the status quo with nebulous accusations of “racism” or “hate speech” and a lot of the people who should be challenging the “elite” – MPs, journalists and broadcasters – are part of the same social circle and so they don’t dare criticise their mates.

And remember, the “elite” who rule us are the geniuses who gave us Brexit and Donald Trump. Next stop, Madame President Le Pen?

2 thoughts on “George Osborne and the Foul Stench of Corruption”

  1. With you on Osborne. There’s always been a supercilious whiff about the man, looking down on us plebs.

    Seems he breached ministerial rules by taking the Standard job without getting clearance first. Ministers standing down are required to adhere to this for two years. Clearly Gideon just figured he was too important to bother with all that nonsense.

    I heard that he hasn’t held a constituency surgery in two years – don’t know if that’s true – but I was heartened this morning, on the BBC of all places, to hear one of his electorate saying if he’d known he was going to take this job he wouldn’t have voted for him.

    You can’t be an MP and a newspaper editor at the same time. It’s a clear conflict of interests.

    Time for a bye-election? Doubt it. He’ll just stick two fingers up unless he’s actually sacked. The man is beyond shame…


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