Quote of the Day #4

Nick Cohen


“The white left has issued its first fatwa.”

Nick Cohen is a far better writer than I am and this article is a far better condemnation of the bizarre alliance between the faux-left and far-right Islamists than I could ever write. I have always wondered why people who claim to be liberal, feminist and pro-gay rights side with authoritarian, misogynist homophobes. As Cohen says, it is…

“…because of the crisis in left-wing values [it] does the dirty work of the misogynists, the racists, the homophobes, the censors, and the murderers it was founded to oppose. It does it with a straight face because, as I am sure you will have guessed, the fascism in question is not white but Islamic.”

He argues that some faux-leftists are so racist that they hate liberal, reforming Muslims because to them…

“…the only ‘authentic’ Muslim is a barbarian. A battery of insults fires on any Muslim who says otherwise. They are ‘neo-conservatives,’ ‘native informants,’ and ‘Zionists’: they are as extreme as jihadists they oppose, or, let’s face it, worse.”

The ongoing jihad by some sections of the press against Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a real mystery to me. Surely as a black, female asylum seeker, Ali should be a hero and protected from criticism because of her colour, her gender and her immigrant status? But in the crazy world of identity politics, race always trumps gender and Islam always trumps race.

Please read and share Cohen’s article.

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