Abolish the BBC

Time to put this absurd organisation out of its misery


Some institutions are so rotten that they cannot be reformed, only ended. The absurd British monarchy that reserves the position of head of state for the deeply unlikeable Windsor-Mountbatten clan is one such institution; the kleptocratic fossils of the House of Lords another. The spectacularly corrupt FIFA, an organisation that resembles a gigantic money-laundering operation more than a sports administrative body, should have been declared illegal the moment it awarded the world’s premier sports competition to the petro-gangster states of Russia and Qatar. To this roll of dishonour I would now add the BBC.

I have written before about my disdain for this corrupt and incompetent organisation. When I wrote my previous post I was content to advocate the abolition of the poll tax that protects the arrogant denizens of Jimmy Savile House from the consequences of their ineptitude. Deprived of the licence fee, I am quite sure the BBC would soon go bankrupt as few commercial interests would be willing to pay for the dross this nest of Establishment shills considers to be entertainment. But yesterday, I had an unpleasant experience that convinced me that it is not enough to end the poll tax and watch the BBC slowly die; it is time to end this dishonest outfit. Now.

I was looking for an update on the events in Dortmund. For some reason, Sky UK had relegated the story to third place in its bulletin so I turned over to BBC World News. Big mistake. I was greeted with a hilarious advert fronted by one of the BBC’s reporters. Here’s what she said…

“When you’ve covered the story from every angle. When you’ve reported the facts whatever the obstacles. If you’ve asked the questions others won’t. When you’ve never taken sides in any war, revolution or election. [At this point I was laughing so loudly, both my wife and my son came to the TV room to see what was going on.] When you’ve come under fire from people in power around the world. And you’ve always championed the truth. Then you can call yourselves the most trusted brand in news.”

Every single one of the statements in this advert is a lie. All of them come from the same stable as the “War is Peace” slogan that was plastered all over Airstrip One in George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984. Even Dr Goebbels would be embarrassed by the lie “never taken sides in any election” – the ludicrous pro-Remain propaganda pumped out before the June 2016 referendum and the endless anti-Trump stories leading up to the November 2016 US presidential election are proof of the BBC’s biases.

The BBC is incredibly anti-American. I complained twice last year about their documentaries United States of Hate: Muslims Under Attack and America’s Hate Preachers. The BBC is never happier than when bashing Israel and giving airtime to anti-Semites who question the only (flawed) democracy in the Middle East’s right to exist. The BBC was one of the main cheerleaders for Tony Blair’s insane war on Iraq in 2003 and now they are revving up for a new confrontation in Syria; some of the anti-Russian rhetoric on the BBC makes me think it’s 1983 again. Evil Empire anyone? Their output is utter garbage – their flagship programme is a bakery show for goodness sake! And they pay hugely inflated salaries to talentless presenters, like the one (unfunny) joke Graham Norton and the thick-as-mince goalhanger Gary Lineker, whilst paying starvation wages to the people who actually do the work.

The BBC’s institutionalised Islamophilia and racism also shows its famous neutrality is a joke. As one of the main pushers of identity politics, the BBC almost wet itself in its excitement when the mosque in Quebec was bombed. They could wait to label the deranged murderer of Jo Cox as a far-right, white supremacist. But every time a crazed Islamist attacks a Western city like Paris (or Brussels, Nice, Westminster, Stockholm, etc, etc, take your pick) the BBC is quick to rush out the “not real Islam” apologetics, the favoured form of the “no true Scotsman” fallacy of the Islamophile faux-left, and worry about a backlash against the “Muslim community” (a deeply racist and patronising phrase) that somehow never appears . The BBC always makes the racist assumption that all South Asians and Middle Easterners are “Muslims” and loves to label anyone who wishes to escape this intolerant ideology as inauthentic, Westernised or an “Uncle Tom” or “native informant” (a racist phrases used by, amongst others, Sadiq Khan, the current mayor of London).

So ending the poll tax that supports this corrupt, arrogant, incompetent, racist organisation is no longer enough. It must be abolished and its property sold off to support the many victims of the paedophiles the BBC spent so long protecting.


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