UK General Election 2017 Update #3

This election is a joke


The Conservatives have been in power now for seven years, albeit propped up by the Illiberal Undemocrats and their comedy ex-leader Nick “no increase in university fees unless it helps me become Deputy Prime Minister” Clegg for five years. They have decided to pursue a controversial, so-called “hard” Brexit on the basis of last year’s narrow referendum victory for “Leave.” Any opposition party worth its name should be at least in contention for government. Unfortunately the UK does not have an opposition party worth its name.

I don’t believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the demonic figure that the right-wing press makes him out to be; nor do I believe he is a political Messiah as some of the more deluded Momentumites would have us think. He has simply not proved up to the job of opposition leader. Corbyn is not a serious contender for the office of Prime Minister and John McDonnell, Emily Thornberry and Diane Abbott are not serious candidates for the other great offices of state. His reaction to Labour’s disastrous performance in Thursday’s local elections appears to have been to blame local activists rather than own the failure, as he should do as party leader. England is becoming a one-party state, rather like Scotland under the Scottish Nazi Party.

The other opposition parties didn’t fare much better. The aforementioned Illiberal Undemocrats lost nearly 10% of their seats despite their leader, the absurd Tim Farron, claiming they are the real opposition to Theresa May’s government. The tartan racists failed in their attempt to seize Glasgow from the Labour Party. And UKIP without Farage lost virtually all the seats they won in 2013. On a turnout of 30% it would be foolish to read too much into these results but I still can’t see anything other than a big win for the Tories. They have even become the second party in Scotland, a place where “Tory” has been an insult for most the past forty years.

If the opposition parties are trying to gift this election to May then the venal apparatchiks of Brussels are not far behind. Barely a day seems to pass without some unelected fool coming out with yet another made-up figure for how much the UK “must” pay to leave their corrupt little empire. If there really was a bill to pay then there would be a real figure not the made-up numbers the various EU presidents keep coming up with. The EU will probably get their way in the French presidential election but endlessly going on about “punishing” the UK is going to make more UKIP and Labour Leave voters turn to Theresa May.

On the subject of the French election, the debate between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron is exactly what we need in Britain. Instead of lining up seven party leaders as in 2015, May and Corbyn should have a face-to-face debate. The moderators hardly intervened as Le Pen and Macron spent more than two hours slagging each other off. Macron came across as arrogant and dismissive and if he wasn’t their favourite candidate then I’m quite sure the BBC and the Guardian would be calling him out for sexism. Le Pen appears to have a grasp of policy akin to Diane Abbott and kept doing that stupid grinning thing Tony Blair used to do in the 1990s.

And there’s the final thing that will win this election for the Conservatives – Tony Blair. Every time this dishonest person and his holier-than-thou attitude comes on the television, you can hear the sound of several thousand more voters lining up behind May. His Eurofanaticism and desperation to be the first executive president of the EU are only matched by the delusion that he can make people forget his lies and crimes over Iraq.

The Conservatives will win and win big on June 8th. Then they will redraw the constituency boundaries to their own advantage and win again in 2022.


One thought on “UK General Election 2017 Update #3”

  1. the Tories will win on June 8th sadly because Corbyn Farron are duds and we need to escape the EU & it’s suffocating Bureaucracy


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