Quote of the Day #8

Jean-Luc Picard


“No being is so important that he can usurp the rights of another.”Yes, I know. It is extremely cheesy to quote a character from Star Trek. However, I feel this quote really sums up some of the commentary that has happened since the bombing in Manchester. So much ink has been spilt, so many opinions offered on 24 hour news channels. But, as ever, nothing will be done to stop such outrages happening again and again. And again.

I quite agree that people have the right to practice their religion in peace. If you want to waste your life reading the same book over and over, attending services of stultifying boredom and worrying about what will happen after you die (spoiler – lots of things will happen, they just won’t involve you) then go right ahead. But, and this is the key point, I don’t have to. And you have no right to force others to follow your views or to demand “respect” for your opinions.

This particularly applies to children. The papers are full of people who spend a fortune to look their favourite “celebrities” or even like a Barbie doll. Whilst I think this is a pointless waste of time, I can’t really object if they are spending their own money. If a grown man wants to cut off his own foreskin or a grown woman wants to cut off her own clitoris, I can’t really object. But I do object, I object most strongly, to the mutilation of children to appease the bloodlust of psychopathic and entirely fictional deities. You have no right to do so – Captain Picard says so.


One thought on “Quote of the Day #8”

  1. I agree Mike. Sadly , there are people who have some desperate need for a religion, a belief in some superior being,or a need to believe that there is a distinct meaning to our existence. If that is their need, then service that need, but do so quietly and without bothering others. However, there are those who would deny us all by trying to impose their belief and their will upon us. I will not tolerate such people. These fanatics occupy every corner of this world, and are manifest in many guises of many religions. It is however Islam that is the greatest challenge to our society. It is the religion that is the instrument of destruction and intolerance. I have considered many possibilities as to why our society seems to be willing to excuse, to accept and even tolerate some of the most bizarre, cruel and tortuous practices and turn a blind eye to their impending doom. The only answer that I return to again and again, is that powers somewhere, for some reason and for some benefit wishes it. Quite frankly Mike, it is that which terrifies me.


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