Damn Those Radical Methodists!

Ending the racism of the label


At the end of a previous post about the Manchester Arena attack, I wrote that nothing would be done about the problem just as nothing would be done about “the next attack in July/August/September in Glasgow/Birmingham/Newcastle (delete as applicable).” I was assuming that the new normal (thanks for that, Sadiq) meant that I wouldn’t have to write about this issue again for a couple of months. But these attacks are now occurring every two weeks instead of every two months. So, let’s go round again! This time though, I am offering what I believe are real and concrete proposals to deal with the criminals who carry out these attacks in the name of their psychopathic imaginary friend.1/ Stop all the drivel about a “Muslim community.” No such community exists. If you look a person of South Asian, Middle Eastern or North African descent and assume you know, because of their ethnicity, that they are a Muslim then you are just as much a racist as someone who believes all such folks are terrorists or rapists. No-one of South Asian, etc descent is any more responsible for the actions of these terrorists than any other British citizen.

2/ Stop allowing self-appointed and unelected “leaders” to speak for the mythical “Muslim community.” These self-styled “leaders” are as relevant to and representative of people of South Asian, etc background as the Archbishop of Canterbury is of the average white English person.

3/ Stop assuming that “Islam” is a monolithic bloc of believers. The Muslim religion is divided into competing and antagonistic sects in the same way thatChristianity is split into Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, etc. Stop assuming that the only authentic Muslims are angry, beard-wearing fanatics and passive-aggressive burka-clad women. If the government or the BBC must engage with “Muslims” then they should engage with people like the splendid Sara Khan or the folks at the Quilliam Foundation.

4/ End the exaggerated respect given to Islam and stop referring to it as a “great world religion.” There are no “great” religions – they are all stupid and dangerous. I have zero respect the religion of Islam, just as I have zero respect for the Christian and Jewish delusions. If you are opposed to Christian misogyny, racism and homophobia but are prepared to give Islam a free pass, then you are probably a racist (see point #1).

5/ We must debate with and expose Islamists as well as conservative and radical Muslims. Show these people up for the racists, the bigots and the anti-Semites that they really are. The great Richard Dawkins once asked an emollient Imam “what is the punishment for apostasy in Islam?” The look on the Imam’s face was priceless –  caught between telling the truth about his religion or denying an aspect of sharia (a “crime” that carries the death penalty in some parts of the world).

6/ Read the Koran. Don’t read the truncated verses tweeted by fools and liars after every Islamist atrocity but read the whole book. This is a very difficult thing to do – it took me nearly four months to get through. What you find there is very different from the narrative of “peace” or (hilariously) of “feminism” pedaled by some in the media. If the whole book defeats you (as I said, it is very difficult) then open it at random and I guarantee you will find something hateful about Jews, unbelievers, hypocrites or women.

7/ End the handwringing nonsense about all cultures being equal. This article in the Guardian, so typical of the desperate-not-to-offend mentality that dominates the British media and political Establishment, contains the line “[t]he truth is that British values are no superior to those of any other nation.” I profoundly disagree. Values that allow equality for women (however imperfectly), that allow gays to marry and allow freedom of religion are vastly superior to values that treats women as property, execute gays for their “sins” and crush all but the ruling orthodoxy.

8/ Recognise that the real victims of Islam and its fascist offshoot, Islamism, are the people labeled “Muslims.” Whilst 22 people died in Manchester and 7 were killed in London, 90 people died in a bombing in Afghanistan, followed by another 20 at a funeral a few days later, and dozens have been killed in Iraq by ISIS. And it is not just terrorist attacks. Because of the racism that labels people of South Asian, etc descent as “Muslim,” women are brutalised, forced to wear all-concealing clothes and have their genitals mutilated, gays are murdered and schoolchildren are beaten into learning and reciting religious gibberish instead of gaining a proper education.

The above ideas are not magic solutions. But until we are prepared to recognise that the issues we face are religious and ideological not racial, nothing will change. Radical Islam and its totalitarian political offspring Islamism is the enemy. Our fellow citizens who are labeled as “Muslims” by the racists who control the media are not responsible for the problems we are facing.






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