At Last! The Truth!

The real reason behind Islamist terrorism


So many column inches. So many talking heads on 24 hour news channels. None of these reporters and commentators know the real reason behind the wave of Islamist atrocities sweeping the UK and the rest of Europe. Fortunately, this blog can reveal the Truth. Capital T. The Islamophiles at Jimmy Savile House are right – Islamists are not inspired by Allah or Muhammad or by the book of gibberish known as the Koran. No, the real inspiration for Islamism comes from the late Terry Nation.

By Terry Nation, I specifically mean the Daleks, created by Nation in 1963. Members of ISIS are not sitting around reading the Koran inbetween beheading infidels, raping Yazidi women and chucking gays of the nearest tall building. No, they are watching old episodes of Doctor Who. Think about it for a moment…

1/ The Daleks are always angry;

2/ They hate anyone who isn’t one of them;

3/ Their solution to every problem is to exterminate it.

And in the “Destiny of the Daleks,” starring the peerless Tom Baker, the Daleks wore suicide vests. If this doesn’t sound like ISIS, I don’t know what does. I rest my case.

Am I being facetious? For sure. But is the above any less ridiculous than some of the “explanations” for Islamism offered over the past decade or so? Everything has been offered a the reason for Islamist terrorism – poverty, unemployment, the endless conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Everything except the reason given by the Islamists themselves. In the latest attack on London Bridge, one of the terrorists yelled “This is for Allah!” But the armchair experts know better than the man who was about to sacrifice himself to kill the enemies of his psychotic god.

One of the more hilarious explanations has been that these Islamists feel “disfranchised” and have “low self-esteem.” I suggest that the opposite is true – most of these male Islamists are suffering from an excess of self-esteem. In too many instances, they believe they have achieved something by being born with a Y-chromosome and their rage against society is because people refuse to accept their superiority complex. Islamism is a viciously misogynistic creed fueled by the inadequacies of sad losers who have grown up being waited on hand-and-foot by their mothers and sisters. This is the real “toxic masculinity” that misandrist reporters love to criticise in the Guardian.

Incidentally, Terry Nation was a great man. Not only did he create the Daleks but he was the brains behind “Blake’s 7,” the only science fiction programme that can hold a candle to Tom Baker’s Doctor Who.


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