Quote of the Day #9

Gore Vidal


“Now to the root of the matter. The great unmentionable evil at the center of our culture is monotheism. From a barbaric Bronze Age text known as the Old Testament, three anti-human religions have evolved — Judaism, Christianity, Islam. These are sky-god religions. They are, literally, patriarchal — God is the omnipotent father — hence the loathing of women for 2,000 years in those countries afflicted by the sky-god and his earthly male delegates. The sky-god is a jealous god, of course. He requires total obedience from everyone on earth, as he is in place not for just one tribe but for all creation. Those who would reject him must be converted or killed for their own good. Ultimately, totalitarianism is the only sort of politics that can truly serve the sky-god’s purpose. Any movement of a liberal nature endangers his authority and that of his delegates on earth. One God, one King, one Pope, one master in the factory, one father-leader in the family home.”

I love this quote and it is so relevant in 2017. For a start it makes clear that the three Abrahamic religions are the same, albeit with different emphases. And these religions are anti-human. Judaism venerates a man who was prepared to sacrifice his son to the voices in his head. The magic carpenter at the centre of the Christian delusion demanded the impossible – telling people to “love your neighbour as yourself” (Mark 12:31) – and introduced the concept of thoughtcrime a couple of thousand years before George Orwell – “I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28). The Islamist Daleks currently spreading mayhem all over Europe hate everyone and everything that does not conform to their reading of the book of gibberish known as the Koran.

Disliking religion does not make one racially prejudiced. Making excuses for religious bigotry because of the ethnicity of said bigot is a particularly nasty form of racism.

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