What Is “White Supremacism”?

The racists who rule us


As I have written in several posts, one of the British Establishment’s favourite tools is identity politics. This is a variation of the classic tactic of dividing ordinary working people into mutually antagonistic tribes in order to stop them uniting against the economic oppression by the rich that has been the default setting of all societies since the emergence of the first civilisations in c.3500BC. The Establishment love to label anyone and anything they dislike as “far right” and I’ve noticed the re-emergence of “white supremacy” as a bogeyman on the Establishment’s own mouthpiece, the BBC. But I would argue that the real racists and the real white supremacists are the British Establishment themselves.

The “scientific” racism of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was shown up for the hateful nonsense it was by the death camps of the Second World War. To argue that the differences in the “racial” characteristics of various branches of the species Homo sapiens sapiens are anything other than superficial is to put oneself into the same category as Creationists and Flat Earthers. There are white supremacists in the UK but they are tiny fringe groups whose intellectually vacuous ideas were shown up by the implosion of the British National Party after Nick Griffin’s car crash performance on Question Time back in 2009.

I am not denying the reality of racism either in the past or today. Nor am I denying that violent supremacism is a problem. It is pretty obvious that some people will never be reconciled to the presence of people of South Asian, Middle Eastern or North African descent in the UK because they are racists. And some of those racists are violent racial supremacists. Unfortunately, some of the people of South Asian, etc descent are also violent supremacists. Any ideology that proclaims its adherents to be “the best of people” and those who do not follow said ideology to be “the vilest of creatures” is by definition, a supremacist ideology. (The quotes come from Koran 3:110 and 98:6). But for the UK Establishment only one of these forms of violent supremacism is a problem. And that is because the British Establishment is filled with racists and white supremacists.

The main reason I am opposed to identity politics is because it essentialises people. In other words, it reduces complex human beings to one single, overriding characteristic and makes everything about them a function of that one characteristic. Women are defined by their gender and only their gender. Minority ethnic communities are defined by the colour of their skin. Gays are defined by the people they sleep with. We all have multiple identities based on our place of birth, our political and religious opinions, our careers, even the football teams we follow. But identity politics sweeps all those complex, human realities into the dustbin of history (with apologies to Leon Trotsky) and proclaims that one is defined only by one’s sex, race or sexuality. We have got ourselves into such an intellectual muddle that an ideology is now considered a defining racial characteristic; we are so confused that some people think scarfs are a racial attribute – although I know of at least one Arab president who disagreed with that.

Why do I suggest that the British Establishment is full of racists and white supremacists?Look at the reaction to the attacks at Westminster, Manchester Arena and London Bridge when compared to the reaction to the attack on Finsbury Park mosque. The violent racial supremacists I mentioned above proclaim (loudly) that white people are superior to others. Most of the British Establishment do not proclaim the superiority of white people but they implicitly suggest that Muslim folks are inferior. They do this by suggesting Muslims are less rational or less capable of discussing their religion without resorting to violence. After the attacks at Westminster, Manchester Arena and London bridge, the media, politicians, celebrities, etc jumped on any discussion of the possible motives of the terrorists because they are convinced that Muslims are like puppies who pee on the carpet – they simply can’t help themselves because they don’t know any better. Any discussion  or criticism of the Islamic religion instantly turns Muslims into violent maniacs because they are supposed to be less civilized or capable of reasoned debate than white Westerners. For the British Establishment the only true Muslim is a barbarian. When a white person commits an act of terrorism, the same people will blast the ideology of the attacker and try to get inside his mind to analyse his motives. They do this because they are suggesting a white Westerner should know better. In other words, they are applying different standards to a Muslim who believes in violent supremacism and a white person who believes in the same. This is the very definition of racism and those who defend violent Islamists whilst attackers white Westerners accused of the same crimes are actually far more guilty of vile anti-Muslim bigotry than some knuckle-dragging EDL member who hates all “Pakis” (I apologise for using this word) and wouldn’t know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim, let alone a Sufi and an Ahmadi.

So next time you heard some Establishment shill spouting on about “white supremacists” from the comfort of Jimmy Savile House, ask yourself who the real racists are. And remember, actions speak louder than words; the pinnacles of the Establishment – Parliament, the public schools, the Guardian newspaper, the boards of most FTSE-100 companies and, yes, the BBC – are all “hideously white.”


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