All Washing Machines Are Racist!

And so are you if you disagree


All washing machines are racist. Hotpoint, Westinghouse, Ariston and all other washing machine manufacturers must apologise and pay compensation immediately. Not only do these hideous machines demand that ‘whites’ and ‘colours’ be separated because they don’t want the pristine purity of the ‘whites’ corrupted by the ‘colours but they also afford the ‘whites’ the privilege of higher temperatures. Disgusting.


No, I haven’t gone insane. But tell me that a sign waved by some protesters…

“Islamophobia is white supremacy”

..makes any more sense than the drivel I typed above. Considering the amount of Arab racism in the Islamic religion and the fact that the founder of the faith owned black slaves and described Africans as having “heads like raisins” (look it up) a better sign might read..

“Islam is Arab Supremacy.” 

On a more serious note, the cult of identity politics continues its descent into lunacy. I have written many times about how identity politics seeks to balkanise the human race into ever smaller and mutually antagonistic groups. The transgender lobby is a particularly vocal group despite well under 1% of the population suffering from gender dysphoria. Now I care about as much about the difference between ‘third wave’ and ‘fourth wave’ feminism as about the difference between transubstantiation and consubstantiation. Apparently, some feminists think transgender ‘women’ are not part of the sisterhood and have been accused by other feminists of (bizarrely) misogyny. The feminist activist Linda Bellos has had an invitation to speak at Cambridge University withdrawn because she has expressed a lack of sympathy with the latest designated ‘victim’ group. In her own words, Bellos says she is…

“…not being told by someone who a few months ago was a man what I as a woman can or cannot do.”

More vulgarly, the Australian writer Germaine Greer, who has also been accused of ‘transphobia’ and misogyny, says…

“I don’t believe a woman is a man without a cock.”

The link to the story about Bellos is here but I’ve included the whole story as it may be behind a paywall.

“A leading feminist has had an invitation to speak at Cambridge University withdrawn amid concerns that transgender activists could oppose her.
Linda Bellos had been invited by the Beard Society at Peterhouse College and sent a list of dates — which were withdrawn after she said she would be “publicly questioning some of the trans politics . . . which seems to assert the power of those who were previously designated male to tell lesbians, and especially lesbian feminists, what to say and think”.
Ailish Maroof, the co-president of the society, which describes itself as a “gender and feminism” group, replied: “I’m sorry but we’ve decided not to host you. I too believe in freedom of expression, however Peterhouse is as much a home as it is a college. The welfare of our students in this instance has to come first.”
The prospect of laws to let men redefine their gender without a physical transition and then gain access to changing rooms and women’s refuges has angered many.
“I’m not being told by someone who a few months ago was a man what I as a woman can or cannot do,” Bellos said. Maroof declined to comment.”

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