London’s Knife Crime ‘Epidemic’

There is more to this than racism


The British media do make me laugh. They have the attention span of a forgetful goldfish in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A couple of weeks ago, they were obsessed with Poundshop Bond villain and definite heterosexual Vladimir Putin allegedly poisoning a double agent in Salisbury (see here and here). Then last week, it was all about the disgusting anti-Semitism amongst parts of the Corbynite far left that currently dominates the Labour party. This week’s panic is all about the alleged spike in knife and gun crime in Greater London. Coming next week, Meghan Markle’s affair with Gerry Adams.


There does appear to have been an increase in knife and gun deaths in some of the, shall we say, less salubrious parts of  Greater London in recent months. Whether this makes London a more dangerous city than New York, as some parts of the gutter press have suggested, is pure speculation. What does appear obvious is that most of the victims of the killings come from minority ethnic communities across the capital. Some people – particularly David ‘I had a friend who died at Grenfell Tower’ Lammy – are making this a racial issue. An interesting piece in the Independent – a newspaper I usually have very little time for as it makes the Guardian and the so-called BBC look balanced and well-researched – suggested Violent crime in London would have been tackled better – and sooner – if the victims were white. I have some sympathy for the writer’s suggestion that the Establishment don’t really care about what is happening but I don’t believe this is a racial issue.


I am well aware that I am stepping into a minefield here. And there are certain sections of the political and media class who would attack me for daring to comment as I am male, white, middle-aged, heterosexual and cis-gender – the ultimate in ‘privilege’ according to the racist fanatics of identity politics. It’s funny how this ‘privilege’ doesn’t show up when I compare myself to, say, David Lammy, barrister, scholarship pupil and Harvard University alumnus. This ‘privilege’ never seems to show up in my bank balance either! Lammy (did I mention that he lost a friend in the Grenfell Tower fire?) has taken over from Diane Abbott as Labour’s race-baiter-in-chief and suggested in the Independent article cited above that, for example, the shooting of a 19-year-old man outside a cinema in Wood Green had been given little attention because the victim was black. I don’t doubt that some sections of the Establishment are racist against ethnic minority Britons. However, I think the main reason our lords and masters don’t care about these people is because they are poor not because they are nonwhite.


Lammy and Abbott think everything is about race. Abbott is on record for making racist remarks about “blue-eyed, blonde-haired” Finnish nurses and tried to defend herself against accusations of hypocrisy when she sent her son to a fee-paying school by saying  “West Indian mothers will do anything for their children.” I don’t think such remarks are helpful and they certain give the lie to the belief that only white people can be racist peddled by some on the wilder shores of identity politics. If the Establishment care so much about white people, Lammy and Abbott will have to explain the refusal of the authorities to do anything about the widespread abuse of white (and Sikh) girls by gangs of mostly Pakistani Muslim men. Again, this is not a racial issue. I agree with the writer in the Independent who suggests the Establishment don’t care about these deaths. However, I think they don’t care about these deaths because the victims are poor, same as they don’t care about sex abuse in the old mill towns of the Northwest because the victims are poor people. This is a class/wealth issue. The well-heeled members of the Establishment – and I would include Lammy and Abbott amongst them – don’t give a damn if poor people are stabbing each other in places like Tottenham because it is not happening on their doorstep in Islington. The best indicator of ‘privilege’ is wealth not race.


Another interesting point that has come out is the attitude of certain people towards the controversial police practice of stop-and-search. People like David Lammy (did you know he lost a friend in the fire at Grenfell Tower?) suggested that the police were racist in their use of these powers. Unfortunately for racists like Lammy, what is clear about knife crime in London is that not only are ethnic minorities the main victims of knife crime, many of the perpetrators come from these ‘communities’ too. That is more likely to be why young black men are more likely to be stopped by the Old Bill in London than middle-aged gits like me. Once again, this is not a racial issue. Hilariously though, the police, who were considered racist when they were using their powers of stop-and-search, are now being called racist because they have scaled back their use of these powers and more ethnic minority people have been stabbed to death. A more perfect example of George Orwell’s concept of ‘doublethink’ is harder to imagine…


To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it.”


It will be interesting to see what happens over the Summer months as that well-known white supremacist Sadiq Khan backs the introduction of a targeted programmed of stop-and-search across the capital. I will make one prediction – the most likely victims of future stabbings and shootings will be the sons and daughters of the poorest people in London rather than those of the city’s wealthy ‘elite.’


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