The Bigotry Of The ‘Anti-Racists’

Why do so many pseudo-leftists hate Jews?

I would urge readers to watch the Panorama documentary Is Labour Anti-Semitic?

I’ve come to a similar conclusion about Jeremy Corbyn as I did about Sepp Blatter and FIFA. I originally thought Blatter was merely useless at his job but changed my mind and came to believe that he was personally corrupt. Similarly with Corbyn. I thought he was an overpromoted nonentity surrounded by anti-Semites. However, I have change my mind and I now, reluctantly, think that he is personally anti-Semitic.

Before I continue, I would like to point out that as far as the Israel/Palestine quagmire goes I simply don’t care. I hold no brief for the Israeli government, certainly not under its current leader. Still less do I support the genocidal religious fascists of Hamas nor the geriatric kleptocrats of the Palestinian Authority. I am as interested in this issue as the average Toytown ‘anti-Zionist’ is interested in Transnistria, Abkhazia or the Sahrawi Republic.

What this row demonstrates is that the fanaticism, bigotry and good/evil binary of monotheistic religion has transferred itself into politics, particularly amongst those who I like to call the pseudo-left.

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.”

These are the words of 17th century mathematician Blaise Pascal, he of ‘wager’ fame. I wrote two posts about this quote – Quote of the Day #34 and Update – at the end of 2017. In these posts, I criticised the monomaniacal intolerance of the Abrahamic religion(s) and suggested that religion was not normal. Indeed, I have gone further and suggested monotheistic religion is inherently bigoted because it suggests that there is one true god and one true path to him/her/it/whatever. All other views are not just wrong but positively evil. The welcome collapse of religious belief in the West has had the unfortunate result of seeing the same bigoted zeal transfer to politics, particularly among the partisans of the pseudo-left. By pseudo-left, I mean upper-class members of the Establishment who have colonised social democratic and labour parties and moved them away from campaigning for real economic benefits for ordinary working people towards the poisonous and divisive cult of identity politics.

The apostles of identity politics – rich and privileged as most of them are – see the world in a similar way to the craziest Christian fundamentalist or jihadist maniac with eyes on Allah’s celestial bordello. They see the world in entirely binary terms – good and evil – and categorise everyone not as individuals but as members of various identity groups. These identity groups are then divided into ‘victims’ and ‘oppressors’ – the former can do no wrong, the latter no right. It is the ill-fortune of Jewish people to have been lumped in with the ‘oppressors.’

Like all monomaniacs, the people obsessed with the Israel/Palestine issue are deeply boring. They see everything as part of and relating to their obsession. Once again, let me state that I have no interest whatsoever in this particular issue. However, the idea that Israel is a uniquely wicked and oppressive country is laughable. It is not anti-Semitic to criticise, even unfairly, Israel. What is anti-Semitic is the obsessive focus on Israel and holding that country to standards that are not applied to far worse nations. Israel is not the worst or most oppressive country in the world, nor even in the Middle East. Where is it better to be gay, I wonder – Tel Aviv or Gaza? Where is it better to be a woman – Israel or Saudi Arabia?

The ‘anti-racist’ racists of the pseudo-left have made common cause against Israel with some of the most repugnant groups and people in the world. Hamas, which rules Gaza with an iron fist, includes in its charter this Hadith…

“The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them.”

Not Israelis. Jews. Is it any wonder that the Israelis sometimes go a bit mad when they are surrounded by people who want to finish what Hitler started?

I have come to the conclusion that Jeremy Corbyn is both personally anti-Semitic and has allowed Labour to become a party that welcomes anti-Semites. For this I blame the childish cult of identity politics which sees only victims and oppressors cannot see the contradiction in supporting religious fascists against a (flawed) democratic state.

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