Picture Of The Day #50

Black Lives Matter is a racist organisation


In the United Kingdom during the eighteenth century , capital punishment could result from more than 200 crimes; historians refer to these as the Bloody Code. Even stealing a sheep to feed your family could attract the death penalty, hence the saying…

“Rather be hung for a sheep as a lamb.”

In other words, if you are accused of a small offence, you may as well be guilty of a bigger crime.

Think about that next time you hear about someone being accused of ‘white supremacy’ by identity obsessives or BLM racists.

The protests that swept the world during this strange year showed how ‘anti-racism’ has been hijacked by people who are, quite frankly, racists. A recent survey by the pollsters Opinium suggests that a clear majority of Britons believe that BLM has increased racial tension – by 55% to 17%…

People from ethnic minorities believe BLM have increased racial tensions by a margin of two-to-one, as do a majority of Labour voters. Nice work geniuses.

If you are constantly and falsely accused of something, it is only human nature to resent the person making the accusations. One of the arguments of the ‘Islamophobia’ industry is that if ordinary Muslims are demonised and discriminated against then they will be pushed into the arms of the fundamentalists and terrorists. Isn’t this exactly what the racist of BLM are doing with their constant accusations of ‘white privilege’ and other thoughtcrimes? And if these bloody fools are right that everything is racist or, at least everything is racialised, then doesn’t the ‘white race’ (pfft) have its own ‘racial’ interests in a country that is historically white? BLM are the National Front of our times…

Sasha Johnson Thrown off Twitter for Calling for Enslavement of Whites |  Beastrabban\'s Weblog


Another opinion poll, this time from France, suggests that 61% of the French people believe that Islam is not compatible with the values of French society (this link is in French). France has suffered more terrorist attacks at the hands of Islamist barbarians than any other Western European country. I wrote two posts on the foul murder of history teacher Samuel Paty (see Islamism is Fascism and Update), an atrocity that, for some unknown reason, had a profound effect on me. The identity obsessives in the Establishment who have racialised Islam are at a loss to explain how an ideology can be an immutable characteristic like sex or race but simply resort to accusations of blasphemy, sorry, ‘Islamophobia.’

If I may, I’d like to quote from one of my own posts from 2017 called What is ‘White Supremacy’? In this piece, I suggested that the UK Establishment themselves are racists and white supremacists…

“Most of the British Establishment do not proclaim the superiority of white people but they implicitly suggest that Muslim folks are inferior. They do this by suggesting Muslims are less rational or less capable of discussing their religion without resorting to violence. After the attacks at Westminster, Manchester Arena and London bridge, the media, politicians, celebrities, etc jumped on any discussion of the possible motives of the terrorists because they are convinced that Muslims are like puppies who pee on the carpet – they simply can’t help themselves because they don’t know any better. Any discussion  or criticism of the Islamic religion instantly turns Muslims into violent maniacs because they are supposed to be less civilized or capable of reasoned debate than white Westerners. For the British Establishment the only true Muslim is a barbarian. When a white person commits an act of terrorism, the same people will blast the ideology of the attacker and try to get inside his mind to analyse his motives. They do this because they are suggesting a white Westerner should know better.”

The racists who claim moral superiority over us benighted peasants actually appear to believe that black people need to be protected from the hurly-burly of life in the 21st century. Perhaps some sociology ‘professor’ with more degrees than brain cells could invent a new term for this phenomenon. ‘Black fragility’ perhaps?

I don’t believe that most of the time-rich Twitter twats who generate most of the sound-and-fury around these topics actually believe most of the guff they spout. It’s more a case of politics as a fashion accessory than a conscious thought process. Forget champagne socialism, what we have here is iPhone identitarianism.

I agree with Morgan Freeman…

Racism – or rather accusations of racism – is the favourite weapon of the new oligarchy.

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