Strange Bedfellows Update

Appeasing racists – 1938 and 2020 style

Original post from June 2020: Strange Bedfellows

As I write these words, Ipswich have just lost their third home game in a row. I have also realised that all my posts about football are basically the same – Ipswich were a good team when I was young and now they are terrible, woe is me! Self-knowledge is the path to wisdom as it sort of says in the Bhagavad Gita.

It is now forty years since Ipswich won the old UEFA Cup (the smallest town ever to win that competition). The club are currently over £100,000,000 in debt and a town of 110,000 simply cannot generate enough revenue to clear such a debt (over £900 per person). Short of being bought out by a Ukrainian gangster or Arab prince, I can’t see much hope.

Anyway, here are the goals from the 1981 UEFA Cup Final (played over two legs in those days)…

The Football Association is typical of the class structure in the United Kingdom. Football is very much a working class sport but the FA is dominated by Establishment, old school tie figures; the president of this absurd and out-of-touch organisation is William Windsor, who affects to be an Aston Villa fan. The game has become increasingly bourgeois since the Premier League was founded in 1992 and figures in the media are suspicious of fans, their singing, their tribalism, their sheer working class vulgarity. The symbol of the middle class, tourist nature of many Premier League grounds is the half-and-half scarf. Anyone wearing such an abomination in my youth would have had their head kicked in by both sets of fans. And quite rightly so. But they spend more money than the traditional working class fans. And, as I have said repeatedly on this blog, money is all our lords and masters care about.

In May 1938, the England football team played against Germany (match report if you are interested). This was only a couple of months after Austria had been incorporated into the Third Reich. The FA reached an agreement with the Germans that no Austrian players would be included in the side to face England. Under pressure from the pro-German ambassador to Berlin Sir Neville Henderson (who later that year was to support the infamous Munich Agreement) the England team gave the Nazi salute before the game…

Image result for england v germany may 1938

‘Munich,’ ‘appeasement’ and ‘Neville Chamberlain’ are dirty words in modern British political discourse. But if appeasing racists was wrong in 1938 then it is wrong in 2020…

Image result for premier league black power salutes

It is my firm belief that Black Lives Matter is a racist organisation (see Picture of the Day #50) and that anyone doing a Black Power salute is either a racist or desperately ignorant of history.

In 1930s Russia, Stalin justified his brutal police state by claiming that the class struggle would get worse the closer the Soviet Union came to Socialism. Likewise, the racist ‘anti-racists’ of BLM need to claim that racism is just as bad, if not worse, than it has ever been. Not only is this simply not true, but it is an insult to those people who fought for racial equality in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Isn’t it amazing how quick these ‘anti-racists’ are to resort to racist language against those who do not conform to their ideology? Here’s BLM founder Sasha Johnson…

And here’s London mayor Sadiq Khan…

Trevor Phillips has pointed out that BLM are using black people as “a battering ram to change society”…

But then Phillips has been kicked out of the ‘black community’ by racist ‘professor’ Kehinde Andrews (see Trevor Phillips for Prime Minister Update), Phillips and Neill make a couple of points that I have made several times on this blog; Phillips says that ‘whiteness’ has become the new Original Sin in the religion of ‘Woke’ whilst Neill points out that belief in ‘structural’ or ‘institutional’ racism is modern day Predestination, as beloved by Calvinists.

BLM are the National Front of 2020.

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