Picture Of The Day #55

The Labour Party under their gormless, Christopher Biggins tribute act ‘leader’ Sir Keir Starmer remind me of Homer Simpson when he stood for the job of Sanitation Commissioner in the episode Trash of the Titans…


The Times published a poll for the Hartlepool by-election that shows Labour losing one of the seats they held in the disastrous election of December 2019…

As recently as 2010, Labour won 41 out of the 59 seats north of the border but have now been eclipsed by the Scottish Nazi Party. In the 2019 election, Labour’s so-called ‘red wall’ of seats in the north of England crumbled. Hartlepool survived that disaster but now looks like falling to the Conservatives despite them having been in power for nearly eleven years under three prime ministers.

Unfortunately, Labour is now a fundamentally unserious party dominated by people whose ideas have never outgrown the gesture politics of the students’ union.

Years of austerity under the Tories, a divisive referendum and a poorly-handled response to the pandemic, Labour should be miles ahead in the polls. Two stories demonstrate that Labour is now a fundamentally frivolous party in thrall to people who have no economic worries.

On Good Friday, Keir Starmer visited a church in London which has been praised for its work during the pandemic. Unfortunately, despite being black, Pastor Abu Irukwu has upset the identity obsessives who now dominate the Labour Party. Irukwu has apparently compared homosexuality to bestiality and his church has been involved in ‘conversion therapy’ for gay folks. Of course, Labour LGBT+ are furious and have extorted an apology from Starmer’s office. That should win a few votes in Hartlepool – they talk about nothing else there despite their community being economically devastated by 40+ years of neoliberalism under both Conservative and Labour governments.

Suspended Labour MP Claudia Webbe recently caused a minor stir on (where else?) Twitter by sharing this map…

Here’s map from my A-Level History textbook (yes, I really am that sad, I still have my A-Level textbooks) which was first published in 1978…

Having taught the subject for thirty years in both the UK and Australia, I can tell Ms Webbe that she really should have listened more closely in her History lessons. Imperialism is acknowledged by most historians as a key cause of the First World War. As a devoted follower of Jeremy Corbyn, Ms Webbe really should know more about ‘anti-imperialism.’ Here’s another book from my personal library…

I bought this in my second year at university. The Soviet Union (remember that?) used to mass produce cheap copies of their foundational texts in multiple languages. From memory, it cost a quid…

It is good to see my own preferred party standing in Hartlepool – see here. At the risk of monomania (too late?), British history over the past forty years might have been different had David Owen and not the wine-soaked Establishment fool Roy Jenkins been elected leader of the SDP in 1981.

Unseen footage of Keir Starmer campaigning in Hartlepool…

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