Quote Of The Day #34 Update

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Credit where credit is due. I have a very low opinion of the so-called BBC and its fellow Establishment shills at the Guardian. I dislike the corrupt denizens of Jimmy Savile House and their ideological bedfellows at Guardian Towers for their arrogance, their hypocrisy and their unthinking Islamophilia. Above all, I dislike their embrace of the poisonous and racist ideology of identity politics. So I was astonished that the so-called BBC choose to run a story that made one of their favourite ‘victim’ groups look bad. Continue reading “Quote Of The Day #34 Update”


Quote Of The Day #32

Michel Onfray

“They are those who believe that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and love and do not want to hear about an Islam of war, intolerance and hatred… The collaborator wants to see only the first [type of] Islam by believing that the second has northing to do with Islam. These collaborators are the Islamo-leftists.” Continue reading “Quote Of The Day #32”