Reblog: Maryam Namazie

Ex-Muslims: A community in protest


Haven’t posted much recently as I’ve been obsessing over the World Cup. Last time England were in the semi-finals I was still at university. I do feel for those people who don’t like football – the over-the-top media coverage can be extremely grating. An excellent, if foul-mouthed, rant by fellow WordPress blogger Dioclese here.


This post is actually a reblog of a post by Maryam Namazie. I have mentioned Namazie before – she was the lady abused and intimidated by Islamist fascists at Goldsmiths University back in 2015. In any sane world she would be a liberal icon – a softly-spoken, feminist ‘person of colour’ (how I hate that racist expression) who stands up against violent misogynists and their far right ideology. Such is the confusion engendered by identity politics that Namazie is abused as an ‘Islamophobe’ – an entirely meaningless insult – and as a ‘native informant’ – another racist term.


The post is rather long and contains a large number of links. The original post can be seen here but I have highlighted what I consider the key points below. Continue reading “Reblog: Maryam Namazie”

Sura 9 Al-Tawbah (Repentance)

Muhammad’s Last Will and Testament?

Before I begin, this post is about Islam, an ideology. It is not about Muslims, human beings. If anyone wishes to accuse me of ‘hate crime’ or ‘Islamophobia’ or (hilariously) of ‘racism,’ then you must also find me guilty of ‘Judeophobia‘ and ‘Christianophobia‘ (neither of these words are recognised by my spellchecker) as I make little to no distinction between the three versions of the Abrahamic delusion.


The Koran is a strange book. It purports to be the ‘revelations’ received by Muhammad of Mecca during his 22 year career as a ‘prophet.’ It is an article of the Islamic faith that the Koran as it stands today is exactly the same as when it was ‘revealed’ to Muhammad. The Koran is considered to be both eternal and uncreated – it existed before the universe was ‘created’ by Allah, one of many gods worshipped by the inhabitants of pre-Islamic Arabia but who was promoted by Muhammad to be the one god in his version of Abrahamic monotheism.


Unlike the Bible – a set of 66 documents written by various authors over a period of more than a millennium – the Koran is entirely the work of Muhammad. Because of this, the ideas expressed change, sometimes radically. At the start of his ‘prophetic’ career, Muhammad was an obscure merchant railing against polytheism in Mecca; 22 years later, he was the absolute dictator of the Arabian peninsula. No wonder his ideas changed. Who can say they have exactly the same views as they had in 1996? Remember, in 1996 Tony Blair was the youthful, smiling face of the future against the exhausted and corrupt Major government rather than the tetchy, haggard friend of billionaires and Central Asian despots of 2018.


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Quote Of The Day #10 Update #2

Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Assim al-Hakeem

Some readers may recall a debate I had with a lady back in June 2017. She disliked my description of a quote from Islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The original quote I shared was…

“If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam wouldn’t exist today.”

We had a (mostly) civilised debate about what I had written about al-Qaradawi’s quote and the apostasy law. The best comment actually came from my fellow WordPress blogger Dioclese who commented that I “won’t win this argument” as some religious folks have a tendency to “go on and on and on and on.”

I was reminded of this debate by a couple of tweets (yes, I have joined the madhouse that is Twitter) I read from another Islamic ‘scholar’ called Assim al-Hakeem. Continue reading “Quote Of The Day #10 Update #2”

A Strange Tale Of Our Times Update

Why are these things still happening in 2018?

I wrote about the strange goings-on at St Stephen’s in Newham here.

As I wrote at time, it mystifies me that in the days of #MeToo and Time’sUp why, when a successful female headteacher like Neena Lall is targeted by conservative ‘religious leaders,’ the self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ at the Guardian and the so-called BBC are not up in arms. And Lall is clearly of BAME background, so these arch-‘progressives’ should be doubly offended.

Any reader familiar with this blog will know that the previous paragraph was deeply ironic and that had the aforementioned denizens of Guardian Towers and Jimmy Savile House come to Lall’s support, I would have been genuinely astonished. The insane doctrine of ‘intersectionality’ means that no member of an allegedly victimised group can be held guilty of misogyny, let alone racism, simply because they are a member of ‘victim’ group. The foul ideology of intersectionality is deeply, horribly racist. What did not surprise me is the follow up story in yesterday’s (04/02/2018) Sunday Times – Ofsted Chief Amanda Spielman targeted by anti-semites in hijab row. Continue reading “A Strange Tale Of Our Times Update”

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The old adage is true

Sorry to return to the same topic in the same week (I do have other interests you know) but today I was sent a link to a documentary from the so-called BBC entitled Panorama: White Fright: Divided Britain. This deals with the Lancashire town of Blackburn ten years after the so-called BBC first made a programme about how the area was becoming divided along ethnic and religious grounds.

Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with this blog will know that I am not a fan of the corrupt denizens of Jimmy Savile House. Their shilling for the Establishment and the EU (how astonishing that the so-called BBC should be a fan of a bloated and incompetent bureaucracy!), nauseating identity politics and all-round Islamophilia are bad enough but the fact that it is funded by a highly regressive poll tax is enough to make one burst a blood vessel. But, credit where credit is due, in this case the cliché is right – even a broken clock is right twice a day. Although when dealing with the so-called BBC, once in a Blue Moon is more accurate. Continue reading “Credit Where Credit Is Due”

A Strange Tale Of Our Times

Why are these things still happening in 2018?

Religion is odd. Some religious people are very odd indeed. Such is our familiarity with the myths of the Abrahamic faith(s) that we sometimes fail to see just how odd they are. There are people (some as highly-educated as Pope Emeritus Benedict) who believe that a being who has existed forever suddenly and for no discernible reason decided to create the universe; according to some of this being’s more cretinous followers this ‘creation’ happened 6,000 years ago, after the domestication of the dog! Not only did this being ‘create’ the universe, he takes a detailed interest in its denizens and will quite happily condemn them to an eternity of torture for breaking one of his myriad of petty rules,  rules that make little sense unless one has knowledge of the violent and brutally misogynistic societies of ancient Israel and early medieval Arabia.

As I say, odd.

Odder yet is that in 2018 we are still bowing down before the demands of this mythical being’s most demented followers. Continue reading “A Strange Tale Of Our Times”

Is Religion Original Sin?

The moral bankruptcy of the Abrahamic faith(s)

We have so much to ‘thank’ religion for – holy wars and jihads, rampant misogyny and child rape spring to mind. Each of three Abrahamic delusions – three religions that are actually one, like the Trinity – has made its own special contribution to the sum of human misery. Judaism gave us an aggressively male deity with mad rules about food and menstruation, whilst Islam has given the world a fatalistic terror of those rules and suicide bombings. But Christianity has bequeathed us the revolting doctrine of ‘Original Sin,’ often associated with St Augustine, the Osama Bin Laden of the later Roman Empire (bored, rich playboy turned religious maniac). Original Sin is the insane belief that we are all responsible for the ‘sin’ of a mythical rib-woman eating a piece of fruit, egged on by a talking snake and need to be ‘saved’ by the brutal execution of a carpenter who is his own father. Yes, I am being facetious but isn’t this the essence of Christianity? However, I would contend that religion itself – especially in its various Abrahamic forms – is an original sin, not just in the disgusting behaviour of its adherents but in its fundamental doctrines. Continue reading “Is Religion Original Sin?”