Why Do I Dislike Religion? Part Two

The difference between people and ideas

Continued from previous post.

I could go on at book length (like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins) about the childish and pernicious beliefs and practices of religion. But I’m going to concentrate on what I think are two of the most egregious failures of religion – Hell and sex. Continue reading “Why Do I Dislike Religion? Part Two”

Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

When is a Muslim Ban not a Muslim Ban?

I hold no brief for Donald Trump. I believe he is unfit to hold the high office to which he has been elected. An absurd reality television “star” who was born into wealth and privilege but is somehow the champion of the dispossessed? Give me a break. Continue reading “Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban””

Who Gains? Part Two

What does it mean to be left-wing in the 21st century?

This fascinating article appeared on the UK Guardian’s website on Sunday 29th January 2017. It is a very clear analysis by an American professor on the challenges facing the British Labour Party since their general election defeat in 2015. In particular, it tears into the idea that Labour must choose between the economic interests of its traditional working class base and the new fashion for identity politics. Continue reading “Who Gains? Part Two”

Who Gains?

What does it mean to be left-wing in the 21st century?

2016 was the year of the great right-wing surge. The UK referendum that resulted in a narrow Leave vote and the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States have been cited – endlessly – as proof of the triumph of right-wing, xenophobic nationalism. Certainly, the traditional left on both sides of the Atlantic has been experiencing a crisis of confidence in recent years. Continue reading “Who Gains?”