Quote of the Day #28

Ricky Gervais


“What can be more arrogant than believing that the same god who didn’t stop the Holocaust will help you pass your driving test.” Continue reading “Quote of the Day #28”

Quote of the Day #27

Clement Attlee

Clement Attlee was strongly opposed to the Communist system in Stalin’s Russia and in late 1948 he declared…

“We are resolutely opposed to the communist way of life. The police state is utterly repugnant to the people of western Europe.”

He was equally critical of “the left” – the Communist party and those on Labour’s backbenches – who…

“shut their eyes to the absence of human rights when they look to eastern Europe…Those people who deny human rights have no right to claim they are in the van of human progress…The only van they are in is the police van, and in the field of human rights today Russia and eastern Europe are right at the back.” [Emphasis added] Continue reading “Quote of the Day #27”

Celebrity And Nepotism

Second generation of pointless freeloaders

It is hard to avoid celebrity culture in 2017. Even if one has no interest in the meaningless antics of people whose only claim to fame is fame itself, a bizarre kind of cultural osmosis happens whereby one cannot help but be aware that Kim Kardashian has bought a new handbag or Angelica Jolie has added another kid to her menagerie. The airwaves are absolutely stuffed with witless reality TV shows and the radio station where I live reports the tedious goings-on from these programmes as if it were news. I understand that producers love this kind of garbage because it is cheap – point a camera at a bunch of egomaniacs and hope they will argue, fight or have sex, or perhaps all three. The most irritating recent development is that the offspring of people who weren’t (and aren’t) interesting are now becoming celebrities in their own right. Continue reading “Celebrity And Nepotism”

Mere Atheism

The most reasonable position is non-belief

I took the title of this piece from C. S. Lewis’ famous defence of belief – Mere Christianity. Lewis is most famous for his Narnia stories – a thinly-veiled retelling of Christian myths, with Aslan the Lion standing in for the Jesus of Nazareth character. Karl Marx famously described religion as the “opium of the people” although modern day radical Islam is more like crack cocaine. Lewis’ Anglican Christianity is like a nice cup of tea. All religions fail the basic test of reasonableness – there is not a scrap of evidence for the claims they make. I would contend that the most reasonable position any reasonable person can take is not to believe in any religion. Continue reading “Mere Atheism”

The Parsons Green Attack

Same event, same reaction

“Let’s go round again
Maybe we’ll turn back the hands of time
Let’s go round again
One more time
Let’s go round again
Maybe we’ll turn back the hands of time
Let’s go round again
One more time, one more time, one more time
One more time”

Average White Band.

I’ve only had this blog since 31st January 2017 but I’ve already written five separate posts about terrorist atrocities. If I may, I’d like to quote myself: on 24th May 2017, in response to the attack in Manchester I wrote…

“The fact is that nothing will be done in response to the Manchester attack, just as nothing was done about the Westminster attack.”

The four months that separate the Parsons Green Attack from those words have not led me to change my mind. Continue reading “The Parsons Green Attack”