Australia Post and the Obscene Pay Packet

The myth of the essential CEO

One of the many concerning aspects of capitalism in the 21st Century is the way reward has become divorced from effort. By this, I do not mean the enormous pay given to entertainers and sportspeople; I do not even mean the vacuous “celebrities” amassing vast fortunes from posting pictures of their backsides on the internet. No, I am concerned that some organisations are paying massively over the odds for what is essentially administrative and/or secretarial work. Continue reading “Australia Post and the Obscene Pay Packet”

Why Do I Dislike Religion? Part Two

The difference between people and ideas

Continued from previous post.

I could go on at book length (like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins) about the childish and pernicious beliefs and practices of religion. But I’m going to concentrate on what I think are two of the most egregious failures of religion – Hell and sex. Continue reading “Why Do I Dislike Religion? Part Two”

Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

When is a Muslim Ban not a Muslim Ban?

I hold no brief for Donald Trump. I believe he is unfit to hold the high office to which he has been elected. An absurd reality television “star” who was born into wealth and privilege but is somehow the champion of the dispossessed? Give me a break. Continue reading “Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban””