Nail On The Head

Abuse will not bring voters over to the ‘progressives’


“…People do not like being told they are idiots, racists or deluded Nazis when voting for what they see as their interests and their national identity.”


So true. And yet so astonishing that these words appear in the race-baiting, EU-loving, neoliberal Guardian.


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The Future Of The European Union Update

Reform of the Euro is vital

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The fault lines in British politics were exposed by the June 2016 referendum on membership of the European Union. Both the main political parties are deeply split by supporters of and opponents of the EU; it is not a straight left/right issue. I have mentioned before that I recall the 1983 general election when the Labour party went to the country with the express policy of withdrawal from the European Economic Community whilst the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher supported continued membership. Strange how things turn out; in the referendum, the most fervent Leavers came from the Thatcherite right, whether UKIP or Conservative. Continue reading “The Future Of The European Union Update”

Picture Of The Day #9

It is my belief that all three of the Abrahamic monotheisms are, broadly speaking, the same religion. All three feature an aggressively male deity who will send you to Hell for an eternity of punishment for breaking one of his petty rules. All three of these belief systems – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are belligerent, violent and anti-human. At the present moment in history it is Islam, especially in its fascist political form, Islamism, that is the main threat to humanity. However, it is not difficult to point to a time when Christianity was the main threat to civilised values, as the Islamophiles at Guardian Towers and Jimmy Savile House love to point out. However, one of the most mystifying trends of our times is the number of women who are prepared to defend and excuse the violent misogyny of so many Muslim clerics and jihadists. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #9”

The Future Of The European Union

Reform of the Euro is vital

Membership of the European Union is not and has never been a particularly vital issue for me. As I have lived outside the UK for more than a decade now I did not vote in the June 2016 Referendum; I did try to register to vote but the website was extremely poorly designed and I gave up. I was convinced that ‘Remain’ would emerge victorious and I was astonished by the result.


I have never considered the EU to be the road to utopia that some of the more Europhile politicians and journalists would have people believe. At the same time, I have never believed that the EU to be the anti-Christ so hated by some of the more intemperate voices on the right. If I had voted in the Referendum, I would have probably (and reluctantly) voted Remain. The EU is desperately in need of reform and it is likely that the people of the UK would have voted to stay in had David Cameron secured some meaningful concessions from Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker back in 2016.


Of all the changes needed, reform of the Euro is probably the most urgent.
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