An Odd Contrast

“Islam” and “Muslim” are not synonyms

Another week, another atrocity. Sadiq Khan’s “new normal”? What has surprised me (no, not really) has been the different reaction to the actions of Darren Osbourne when compared to the reaction to the Westminster, Manchester Arena and London Bridge attacks. The Islamophiles at Jimmy Saville House have been gleefully chucking petrol on the anger the attack on the mosque has caused, just as last week they were happily fuelling the resentment caused by the fire at Grenfell House. To paraphrase the great George Orwell, as far as the BBC are concerned, all victims are equal but some are more equal than others. Continue reading “An Odd Contrast”

Quote of the Day #10 Update

Yusuf al-Qaradawi

This post is for the lady who wrote a massive comment on my previous quote from Islamic “scholar” Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Firstly, I have had a troll from another blog I contribute to visit this site so all comments are now held for moderation; I am not censoring you. Secondly, the site you used to post your (endless) series of quotes from the Koran contained some kind of virus that caused the WordPress app to crash. Thirdly, I understood the quote from al-Qaradawi perfectly well; words mean what they mean, not what you say they mean. Feel free to come back for a debate, without quoting endlessly from a book of fairy stories that I promise I have read from cover to cover (and read Koran, Sura 66 if you want a good laugh).

Sara Khan Not Anjem Choudhary

Listen to modernist women not medievalist beard-wearers

In my first ever post I outlined my reasons for starting this blog. I said that I disliked the coarsening of political debate and the intolerance of differing opinions that has disfigured political discourse in the West over the past couple of decades. I also decried the triumph of emotion over reason and some people’s apparent inability to separate their opinions from their identity, as if disagreeing with the former was an attack on the latter. But most of all I wrote about how I was concerned about the ongoing march of aggressive, authoritarian, intolerant, far-right religion. Continue reading “Sara Khan Not Anjem Choudhary”

At Last! The Truth!

The real reason behind Islamist terrorism

So many column inches. So many talking heads on 24 hour news channels. None of these reporters and commentators know the real reason behind the wave of Islamist atrocities sweeping the UK and the rest of Europe. Fortunately, this blog can reveal the Truth. Capital T. The Islamophiles at Jimmy Savile House are right – Islamists are not inspired by Allah or Muhammad or by the book of gibberish known as the Koran. No, the real inspiration for Islamism comes from the late Terry Nation. Continue reading “At Last! The Truth!”

Damn Those Radical Methodists!

Ending the racism of the label

At the end of a previous post about the Manchester Arena attack, I wrote that nothing would be done about the problem just as nothing would be done about “the next attack in July/August/September in Glasgow/Birmingham/Newcastle (delete as applicable).” I was assuming that the new normal (thanks for that, Sadiq) meant that I wouldn’t have to write about this issue again for a couple of months. But these attacks are now occurring every two weeks instead of every two months. So, let’s go round again! This time though, I am offering what I believe are real and concrete proposals to deal with the criminals who carry out these attacks in the name of their psychopathic imaginary friend. Continue reading “Damn Those Radical Methodists!”

The Manchester Attack Update #2

The racism of the Establishment

In the days since the attack on Manchester Arena, the Establishment has continued to display its ignorance, its racism and its cowardice, both moral and physical. It is all very well to order the plebs to “Keep Calm and Carry On” when you are protected by legions of taxpayer-funded armed guards. Notice too how the soldiers that have been deployed on our streets have been used to guard the very centre of the Establishment – Parliament and Buckingham Palace. Gibbering in fear over a few medievalist religious fanatics is not a good look for our glorious leaders. And, by the way, the “Keep Calm” campaign was scrapped during the Second World War because it was considered patronising when the UK was facing a real threat from a heavily armed industrial nation rather than a bunch of friendless losers who have watched too many beheading videos on YouTube. Continue reading “The Manchester Attack Update #2”