Quote Of The Day #60

August Bebel (attributed)


“Anti-Semitism is the Socialism of fools.”

(German: “Der Antisemitismus ist der Socialismus der dummen kerle.”) Continue reading “Quote Of The Day #60”

Quote Of The Day #59

Muhammad Al-Arifi

“Arabs are the true Muslims and the true descendants of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)…Non-Arabs who without shame, call themselves Muslims are just plain Converts whom are lowly Cowards with unhonourable souls. That were overwhelmed with ease by the Swords of Allah, thus they deserved to be called as our Dogs.” Continue reading “Quote Of The Day #59”

Quote Of The Day #56

Norwich Union Society*

“All that we want is the constitution of our country in its original purity, whereby the people may be fairly, fully and annually represented in parliament, the House of Commons cleared of that numerous swarm of Placemen and Pensioners who fatten upon the vitals of a half famished and oppressed people.”


*The Norwich Union Society – not the insurance company, a post-Napoleonic Wars political group. Continue reading “Quote Of The Day #56”

Quote Of The Day #55

Jonathan Sacks

“There is the moral dualism that sees good and evil as instincts within us between which we must choose. But there is also what I will call pathological dualism that sees humanity itself as radically… divided into the unimpeachably good and the irredeemably bad. You are either one or the other.”
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