What Does “Far Right” Mean?

The ongoing abuse of language


Words are important. Indeed, it may be said that language is what makes us human. From the philosophical musings of Socrates in Classical Athens to the information overload on the internet today, words have helped us to understand the world around us. Unfortunately, too many words have been hijacked and made to serve a different purpose. Words become cudgels with which to beat opponents, labels with which to smear enemies. Amongst the favoured insults of our times are “racist,” “Islamophobe” (or any other term ending in “phobe’) and “misogynist.” But the king of insults to the pseudo-liberals and faux-leftists who dominate so much of the media is “far right.” Continue reading “What Does “Far Right” Mean?”

Britain’s Biggest Racist?

No, not him!

The word “racism” has become ubiquitous in recent decades. To deny the reality of racism would be to inhabit a paranoid world where the Kennedy Assassination is still unsolved, climate change is a Zionist plot and Kim Kardashian is an attractive, talented woman. I grew up in a country where black footballers were routinely subjected to monkey chants, where alleged comedians used racial slurs on primetime television and even cartoons used stereotypical images of black people to get cheap laughs. I believe that most people would not tolerant such things today. But as real racism has declined, accusations of racism have increased. Continue reading “Britain’s Biggest Racist?”

What Is Racism?

The old racism and the new

The finest English novel of all time – George Orwell’s 1984 – deals at length with how the debasement of language helped to create an unfree society. Indeed, Orwell included an appendix to his novel called “The Principles of Newspeak.” Words are vitally important in a free, democratic society and the way some words have been twisted to mean something different to their original meaning can be very damaging. The most disturbing example of the way words have been twisted is “racism.” Continue reading “What Is Racism?”