Another Guest Rant

About football this time

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of Ipswich Town Football Club and have been since I can remember. I attended my first game at Portman Road in 1976 and despite the long term decline in the fortunes of the club since 2002 I would never consider supporting any other team. As the great Eric Cantona once said…

“You can change your wife, your politics, your religion. But never, never can you change your favourite football team.”

This post was inspired by the hideous result on Saturday 11th September when Ipswich lost 5-2 at home to Bolton – see here.

I previously wrote a post about Ipswich getting relegated to the third tier back in 2019 called I Demand a People’s Season. And the disgraceful attempt by the so-called ‘Big Six’ to hijack my favourite sport caused me to write The Antithesis of Sport. But now I’d like to hand over to a good friend of mine who is a fellow ITFC fan. I shared some of his thoughts about sport back in June in a post called A Guest Rant about the Olympics but I felt his epic rant about Saturday’s debacle deserved a wider audience. Enjoy…

“Unfortunately we have got another overpaid and shit manager who talks bullshit, “Ipswich is a massive club” during post and pre match interviews. There are also too many players who have signed lucrative contracts for the third division. They have bought their flash cars and houses and most don’t give a shit about playing for Ipswich , who haven’t been a massive club for forty fucking years. Whilst the party is still going on, the players are quite happy to take the money the stupid yanks are pumping in. No idea how much money the yanks are willing to pump in, apparently it is coming from an Arizona firemans’ pension fund, just glad my pension is backed by the government and not by some fuckwits who think they can get a return on some crappy division 3 football team.”

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