Video Of The Day #6


This clip comes from a series 5 episode of Family Guy called ‘Boys Do Cry.’ I love this quote…

“Vatican scientists announced today that the Devil is not the greatest threat to salvation due to last week’s discovery of the Super Devil” Continue reading “Video Of The Day #6”


Picture Of The Day #28

This graph gives the lie to a claim that Emmanuel Macron is any kind of centrist. He is, and always has been, the President of the rich. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #28”

The Disneyfication Of Christianity

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas holidays are actually in the Summer in Australia which, even after living here for many years, I still find rather odd. One thing that doesn’t change is that the same songs are played in shopping centres over and over again. Every year my wife gets fed up when I announce that I’m going to fly back to the UK and punch Noddy Holder in the face.


Another thing that doesn’t change is the saccharine version of the Nativity myth that gets inflicted on everyone at this time of year. This story is extremely popular with preschoolers and early primary age children – for the obvious reason that you have to be about five years old to take it seriously. This is what I mean by the ‘Disneyfication’ of Christianity. Disney loves to make everything ‘cute’ and ‘nice’ – look at what they have done to the Grimm Brothers’ stories. At its heart, Christianity is a confronting and difficult ideology. It makes the claim that your actions – your ‘sins’ – make you directly responsible for the hideous torture and death of Jesus Christ and that you must atone for your behaviour or risk an eternity in Hell. This is certainly not the message one gets from the endless and banal focus on the Nativity story at Christmas. Continue reading “The Disneyfication Of Christianity”

Picture Of The Day #27

For those of you from the UK, Atlantic Avenue is the first property in the yellow set – equivalent to Leicester Square.

I have said over and over again on this blog that I am not opposed to capitalism as such. I am no supporter of Jeremy Corbyn – a man who does not appear to have had a new thought since 1974. Still less am I one of the idiot trustafarians who chanted his name at that music festival. Nor am I one of that strange type of political creature who believes that one can pursue Corbyn’s socialist utopia whilst remaining part of the neoliberal European Union. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #27”