Is “Asian” A Euphemism? Update

Islamophobiaphobia is all the rage

Interesting video here about a Sikh television channel in Birmingham that has aired a film that some have claimed encourages vigilante action against those accusing of sexually grooming Sikh girls. Doesn’t fit into the narrative of the old racists – the BNP/skinhead types – or the new racists – identity-obsessed so-called “liberals.” The old racists wouldn’t know a Muslim from a Sikh because they hate all “Pakis” (apologies for this offensive term) and the new racists would struggle to find how Sikhs complaining about folks from the same ethnic background is “racist”; bet they could though!

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Is “Asian” A Euphemism?

Islamophobiaphobia is all the rage

Asia is a vast continent. At more than 17,000,000 square miles, containing 48 countries (and six not recognised by the UN) and inhabited by over 4,000,000,000 people, it is the largest continent on Earth. Asia stretches from the Arctic Ocean in the north to Sri Lanka in the south and from Istanbul and Tel Aviv in the west to Shanghai and Tokyo in the east. It is the cradle of civilisations from Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley and the Yellow River. It contains numerous cultures and religions and people from different parts of the continent have very different “racial” appearances. But if you believe the BBC and the Guardian, the UK is suffering from an epidemic of “Asians” exploiting young girls in cities across the country – Rochdale, Rotherham and, most recently, Newcastle. Not only is this not true and insulting to the large numbers of Britons with “Asian” heritage, it contradicts the evidence in these cases. One might almost be tempted to say that this word – “Asian” – has been deliberately chosen as a euphemism. Continue reading “Is “Asian” A Euphemism?”

Is Anyone Else Bored of This? Update

She was dull and talentless even when alive

In my original post about the media frenzy that continues to surround the proto-Kardashian Diana Spencer, I made a comment that she was always in the Daily Express and the Daily Mail, two bottom-feeding UK newspapers. I did not expect the Guardian to jump on the bandwagon, publishing this pile of tosh from Jonathan Freedland, one of the most Establishment writers in that nest of Establishment shills. But the reason I’ve posted the link is because I would encourage people to read the comments at the bottom of the article to find out what the public really thinks about the ridiculous Spencer woman. But in one way I agree with Freedland – Spencer did help shape modern Britain, a place where talent and ability are secondary to narcissism and ubiquity. Oh, and by the way Freedland, some of us were embarrassed by the emotional incontinence that followed Spencer’s death at the time.

Is anyone else bored of this?

She was dull and talentless even when alive

Apparently we are living in a “second golden age of television.” It’s true that there is a great deal of choice these days – pay TV, Apple TV, numerous streaming services – and the choices available make the poll tax levied to fund the BBC even more anachronistic than it was when I was a child. It’s also true that there are a lot of great television shows; I’ve always loved The Simpsons and Game of Thrones is excellent – the sixth and seventh series (when did television series become “seasons”?) have been of a particularly high standard. But, let’s face it, most television channels are filled with absolute dross and reality TV seems to be taking over. Baking a cake on the telly, watching people doing DIY, putting a bunch of narcissists on an island and hoping they have sex – this is not my idea of entertainment. Reality TV has spawned whole legions of people who are simply famous for being famous. When scrolling through a news website the other day I saw an advertisement for the new series of Celebrity Big Brother – I recognised one of the contestants because he used to have a minor role in EastEnders. Apparently, it is enough to appear on one reality TV show to qualify as a “celebrity” for another show. This is a longwinded introduction to my real topic – the refusal of some elements of the UK media to allow the proto-Kardashian, the original talentless celebrity, famous for wearing clothes, to fade into well-deserved obscurity. I refer of course to Diana Spencer, erstwhile Princess of Wales. Continue reading “Is anyone else bored of this?”

The Delusions Of Tony Blair Part 4,652

Those whom the gods would destroy…

I have no strong feelings about the European Union; I am not particularly in favour of the EU but nor do a suffer from the visceral hatred that some of the Conservative party appear to have. This hatred has seen the last three Conservative Prime Ministers brought down by divisions over Europe and it will almost certainly see off a fourth, probably by the end of this year. If I was still living in the UK, I would probably have voted to remain in the EU, seeing the status quo as the least worst option. In that I am rather like Jeremy Corbyn who appeared to abandon his lifelong opposition to the EU; Corbyn claimed he was “seven out of ten” in favour of the EU – this despite being a follower of Tony Benn, who “loathed” the EU and as a Cabinet Minister campaigned for a “No” vote in the 1975 Referendum. However, despite not sharing the intense dislike for all things EU on the Labour left and Conservative right, I am mystified by the insane Europhilia evidenced in all mainstream parties – the Scottish Nazis, the Illiberal Undemocrats, the Conservatives and Labour. And no more insane Europhile exists than the war criminal himself, Tony Blair.

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The $22,000 Fidget Spinner

The wastefulness of the obscenely rich

There are few things guaranteed to upset me more than the arrogance, vulgarity and sheer sense of entitlement displayed by the global super rich. Ipswich’s repeated failure to return to the Premier League and the existence of Victoria Beckham are the only things I can think of that give me similar attacks of rage. So, you can imagine the spike in my blood pressure when I heard about a fidget spinner for sale at $22,000 (£13,000). It reminded me of the time back in the 1980s when Mike Tyson paid £650,000 for a watch. It demonstrates clearly that the obscene wealth enjoyed by some of the global rich is also obscenely wasteful  – as well as being economically illiterate and environmentally unsustainable. Continue reading “The $22,000 Fidget Spinner”

Shakespeare Is Garbage 

Modern day shibboleths beloved of the media

Whilst on a short family break earlier this week, I made the mistake of turning on one of the network channels to see the news headlines.  I was greeted with the sight of a person with a waxed moustache (look at me, aren’t I eccentric!) dribbling on about a modernised version of Shakespeare based on the second Globe Theatre that some university professor had spent the last five years (!) researching. My first reaction was that any university that pleads poverty whilst paying someone to waste five years on this tosh should be cut off from public funds. My second thought was to wonder why Shakespeare continues to have such a hold on our culture four centuries after his death. Personally, I feel the same way about Shakespeare as Rowan Atkinson in “Blackadder: Back and Forth.” And I don’t think I’m alone. Continue reading “Shakespeare Is Garbage “