Picture Of The Day #34

Neoliberalism is my least favourite thing. I dislike it even more than I dislike identity politics. And anyone familiar with this blog knows how much I dislike identity politics. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #34”


Picture Of The Day #33

One of the most common tropes of our times is ‘fake news.’ The current President of the United States is a great one for accusing the media of printing and/or broadcasting ‘fake news.’ In his, and many other cases, ‘fake news’ can simply be something people just don’t want to hear.

The BBC claims to be “impartial” in its news coverage (if anyone is interested their self-serving editorial guidelines are available online). However, they are anything but impartial. Just like any other news or current affairs organisation. Just like the blog you are reading. In fact, despite claiming that their “independence from government guarantees [their] editorial and artistic freedom,” the BBC is the main voice of the British ruling class. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #33”

Picture Of The Day #32

I got this picture from the Twitter feed of Titiana McGrath, a spoof account created by the comedian Andrew Doyle. Doyle uses the account to relentlessly mock the hypocrisies and delusions of the ‘woke’ pseudo-left who infest that forum. I particularly liked the tweet where Titiana McGrath described herself as “a white woman of colour.”
Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #32”

Picture Of The Day #30

Neoliberalism is essentially the view that the worth of everything and everyone can be measured in monetary terms. It is the current name for an old idea – that the rich should be left alone to ‘create wealth’ that will somehow ‘trickle-down’ to the rest of society. Putting this crudely, neoliberalism is the idea that the best way to help the starving is for the already overfed to be given more to eat in the hope that more scraps will fall from their table. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #30”