Picture Of the Day #29

Horrifying stuff – world population is increasing by the equivalent of the town of Brentwood* every day. This picture is a screenshot – see here for the running total.
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Picture Of The Day #28

This graph gives the lie to a claim that Emmanuel Macron is any kind of centrist. He is, and always has been, the President of the rich. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #28”

Picture Of The Day #27

For those of you from the UK, Atlantic Avenue is the first property in the yellow set – equivalent to Leicester Square.

I have said over and over again on this blog that I am not opposed to capitalism as such. I am no supporter of Jeremy Corbyn – a man who does not appear to have had a new thought since 1974. Still less am I one of the idiot trustafarians who chanted his name at that music festival. Nor am I one of that strange type of political creature who believes that one can pursue Corbyn’s socialist utopia whilst remaining part of the neoliberal European Union. Continue reading “Picture Of The Day #27”

Picture Of The Day #25

Last time the Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door, they were brandishing a leaflet about how the Bible was the key to happiness. I asked if stoning people and raping women was the key to happiness. For some reason they didn’t like that.


One day I will remember to say what Rik Mayall said in The Young Ones when a JW knocked on their door – “Sorry, we don’t believe in God in this house.”